Summer Collection Box of 12

A box of 12 with six of each Summer collection flavour (2 of each flavour).

  1. Helter Skelter | Based on the famous “Twister” ice lolly,

  2. FAB-ulicious | based on the famous FAB iced lolly

  3. Norfolk Sunshine | Based on the classic “Solero” ice cream

  4. Red Devil | Strawberry Mivi style bonbon

  5. Mint Choc Chip |  mint ganache with a caramelised chocolate nib crunch

  6. Hunters Zoom | Sweet and tangy flavours of the traditional Zoom, including a banana ganache


Dispatched from Friday 18th of March onwards

The Summer Selection from Hunters Chocolate

To celebrate the Great British Summer from the region of Norfolk that has many traditional British Seaside destinations.  Our Summer Collection is based on Gary & Nichola’s favourite selection of iced lolly flavours from years gone by, recreated especially for you in this range of entertaining bonbons. A chance to sit back and reminisce through our own interpretation of chocolate bonbons.

Helter Skelter

Based on the famous “Twister” ice lolly, this bonbon is created with a shell of our own signature white chocolate couverture with creamy notes of vanilla, filled with a vibrant lime ganache, and finished with a strawberry gel


Using our own house-blended milk chocolate couverture this bonbon has been created to honour the FABulous iced lolly which is filled with our white chocolate and strawberry ganache, and topped with the trademark sugar sprinkles

Norfolk Sunshine

Based on the classic “Solero” ice cream, we have crafted a chocolate bonbon using an innovative passion fruit based couverture encasing a mango pate de fruit and an exotic fruit ganache

Red Devil

This hugely popular Strawberry Mivi style bonbon is lined with a strawberry couverture encasing a rich vanilla ganache centre

Mint Choc Chip

A bonbon encased in a 67% Madagascan dark chocolate which reveals yellow fruity notes matched to a filling of mint ganache with a caramelised chocolate nib crunch

Hunters Zoom

A Raspberry couverture showcases a delicate balance of sweet and tangy flavours encasing one of the main traditional flavours of a Zoom, a banana ganache.

Lastly, if you don’t want to consume these chocolates as soon as you receive them (and we greatly urge you to give in to desire and abandon any guilty feelings and try them immediately!) then please store them in a cool and dry environment well away from direct sunlight.

Please note that this chocolate contains gluten.